Our product range include Reeving Choker Slings with alloy steel hardened fittings. All hardware are made in-house. These slings are the ideal for choker lift.






These slings available in two types; Choker Hardware type & Basket hardware type.

Choker Fitting type  – These slings are made with a triangle fitting on one end and a slotted triangle choker fitting at other
end. This type of arrangement provides very efficient and effective method of choker lift. These
slings can also be used in Vertical hitch and Basket hitch.








Basket Fitting type – These slings are made with a triangle fitting at both ends. This sling can be used in Vertical or Basket hitch but cannot be used in Choker hitch.








Types of Reeving / Non Reeving, D and DP fittings manufactured by Ferreterro