Temporary Pipe Restraint (TPR) system is used on high pressure temporary flowlines. Properly applied, this system will provide an additional level of protection for personnel and physical assets by minimizing the amount of sudden movement in the event of an iron failure. The TPR system comes in two models: Standard and Premium.
TPR system is easier and faster to use and service than competitive restraints. It can be rigged up and down concurrently with pipework rigging, rather than the sequential rigging required by competitive systems. This means if you have a piece of iron that needs to be replaced, you can break the TPR and replace the iron without removing all the

TPR. TPRsystem can be untied anywhere along the flowline and quickly re-installed after a leaking connection is addressed. This allows the operator to resume operations faster and negates the need to completely dismantle the system to correct a problem.
The Standard TPR system offers a competitive price and utilizes the same installation method as the Premium system. The lightweight material, combined with higher break loads than competitive
systems, increases safety at the job site.
Premium system offers several additional features that further increase job site safety and efficiency on the well pad. The links in this system are engineered with a unique combination of inspection features and can be quickly
inspected before and after each job. The construction and materials used in the Premium system are such that they outlast and have better chemical resistance than any competitive offering.
The TPR system should never be considered as a substitute for due diligence with respect to proper selection of pressure containing equipment and execution of a regular inspection and maintenance program. The TPR system can significantly reduce, but never eliminate, damage in cases of flowline separation under pressure.