We supply one way slings for different usage and capacity range. Common application for these one way slings are lifting, positioning and transportation of various items mainly pipes etc for export cargo. These slings are inserted in the pipe bundles/Loads prior to dispatch at the designated load balance points so that no additional slinging is required while loading in the cargo, thus save the time and efforts. After the load reaches its destination it is unloaded by these one way slings. And these slings must not & should not be used again instead they should be disposed off. These one way slings can be designed for capacity range few kilos to 24 tons.
Slings can also be designed for 6-7 lifting usage with Pre-Sling techniques. Higher capacity Pre-Slung slings are also available as per specific requirements. All these slings are engineered and tested at the point of manufacture and labelled accordingly. These slings are endless types but can be made in eye to eye type also.





Designed for single use- One way and Pre-Sling techniques
Pre-slung as per EN 1492-1 and One Way slings as per ASME B30.9 & DIN 60005
Low cost with simple design
Stronger and more compact then synthetic rope slings or other alternates.
Easy to use and can be pre-inserted in the bundles of pipe.
Save the time as well as cost on-site slinging & re-slinging loads.