The round slings are the only slings wherein the actual load bearing material is hidden from the sling user for visual inspection. The inspection criteria of round slings are only relied on appearance and condition of its outer cover. Even if round sling have overload indicator there is no predictable way to determine when the failure indicator will be triggered. Even a perfect looking round sling on outside could have worn bearing yarn at inside.

Till present all round slings rely on outer cover without any rated capacity, of numerous qualities, specifications and material and with flimsy inspection systems which all have experienced do not work !!

Even a perfect looking round sling on outside could have worn out load bearing yarn at inside 

TAILS, OPTICS etc don’t work!! but are only an eyewash!!!

Full Inspection Round Sling Technology


Weighs Less

Less than half of an opaque sling of thesame rated capacity


Dries Faster

Breathable cover with improvedresistance to mildew & rotting


Snag Resistant

Snag resistant weave


1. It is easy to clean, finished with PTFE, a treatment similar to Teflon that promotes the removal of dirt, grease, and grime as necessary for field inspection.
2. Despite of inspectable transparent cover it provides equal UV Protection to core yarn compare to other jackets of Polyester and Nylon.
3. Highly abrasion resistant.
4. Can be provided with international colour coding in tag area.

5. FIRST sling cover has opening of only 0.004 sq inches while opaque round slings have immeasurable and continuous opening. Contaminated particles like sand or small metal shaving remains unseen in opaque round slings, risking hidden damage to the rated core yarns.

6. Can be supplied with Sliding Anti Abrasive sleeves as per customer’s requirements.
7. Available in Capacity up to 300 ton.
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  • Fully inspectable outer cover so any damage can be seen by rigger.
  • Weighs less than opaque covers, easy handling
  • Very small hole openings so dirt cannot get inside but dries faster than opaque sling.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Has all properties as of normal sling covers for UV, water and mild acid resistance



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