“Made to fit the customer’s forklift blades,” FERRETERRO’s  Forklift Protection Pads “are coated with thick durable polyurethane.” In other words, these protective products are available in a variety of sizes and styles and can be made to customer specification. The main advantages are as under:
1. Economic – Polyurethane pads are more cost effective than repairs and replacement.
2. Durability – Even with heavy use, polyurethane pads offer cushioning without wear. The rubber itself from which the forklift pad is made is long-lasting and bounces back load after load.
3. Flexibility – Forklift bumpers made of polyurethane are flexible, which helps to evenly distribute a load, which increases the stability of transport.
4. Customizable – Polyurethane forklift bumpers can be custom fitted to the tines of a forklift as a permanent attachment. They can also be temporarily attached and secured with chains.
5. Preventative – Fitting polyurethane pads to a forklift helps protect the tines from scratches and dents that might eventually lead to rust and decay. In addition to protecting the machine itself, ,” FERRETERRO’s  Forklift Protection Pads  prevent damage to coated pipe or any painted material being lifted by forklifts. This can save you time and money on costly repairs.
6. Replaceable – When installed, permanent polyurethane forklift pads are fitted to steel shoes. Worn out polyurethane can be stripped off of the steel and new pads fitted in their place.