ALL FERRRETERRO PREMIUM Slings are polyurethane impregnated which has remarkable anti abrasive and cut resistant properties.

These slings are very light weight yet stronger than polyester and steel wire slings of same capacity. The weight factor of these slings is approx. 2.4 in comparison to polyester and 8-9 in comparison to steel.



Due to their super-strength, very light weight and abrasion resistance, they are widely used to lift heavy objects, steel coils etc.



These slings are very good abrasion and cut resistant. Ferreterro brand slings made of HMPE yarn floats on water and are extremely durable and resistant to moisture, ultraviolet sunlight and chemicals.


The top most degree of perfection BLACK BELT has been introduced in lifting slings!
These slings work in hostile environment, extremely cut resistant and amazingly light weight. Abrasion is no problem and are stronger than steel.
Available in HMPE fibers made by DSM Dyneema® BV
We are manufacturer of round endless slings by using HMPE yarn in higher capacity upto 500 Ton round endless slings, manufactured by using HMPE yarn in higher capacities up to 500 Ton. These slings have top most degree of perfection. These are suitable to specialized extreme heavy lifting requirements. These slings are available in Round Endless, Eye and Eye type and TWO PATH Sling type.