Another Innovation from FERRETERRO. Our Anti static sling are actually Static transferor where delicate electronic equipments are been lifted and static electricity can prove hazard. These patented slings are manufactured with zero resistance electric current transferor woven in straps . These are ideal for lifting:

  • Rotors
  • Missiles
  • Nuclear warheads
  • Atomic waste
  • Nuclear waste
  • Explosives
  • Electronic devices



1. Our Anti-static sling has zero resistance wires on the webbing which transfer any static current.
2. We have them strategically placed so that the lifted product always remains earthed. (About 6 wires protruded fully running through the length of belt)
3. The end fitting is in contact with wires running through the same to transfer static to hook.
4. An added security feature we put a 1 meg ohm static neutralizer on the sling so it can be clipped to the product been lifted